Request for Reconsideration

Request for Reconsideration

A Request for Reconsideration is a legal opinion letter addressed to the IRCC officer who evaluated your case and gave the denial decision, to ask them to re-consider their decision and issue a revised decision based on reasons that they may not have fully considered, or may have been mistaken about. It is commonly submitted via the IRCC Web Form and is accompanied by documentary evidence that supports your argument.

Request for reconsideration can be submitted for various types of immigration applications. For example, in Canada, a reconsideration request can be made for a rejected immigration application, such as a visitor visa, study permit, or permanent residency application, if the applicant believes that the visa officer made a mistake for certain decisions based on an incorrect application of law or policy and incorrect evidence in the case record at the time of the decision.

A request for reconsideration is a respectful request to the IRCC to use their discretionary powers to change a previously made decision. It is important to remember that in many cases, there is no “right” to having one’s decision changed; the IRCC officer may or may not be persuaded to do so.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have realistic expectations about the outcome of your Reconsideration Request.





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