Authorization to Return (ARC)

Authorization to Return (ARC)

An Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) is a formal way to ask the Canadian government for permission to re-enter the country, despite having previously been asked to leave. It applies to individuals who have been issued a removal order, such as a Departure Order, Exclusion Order, or Deportation Order. The need for an ARC depends on the type of removal order and whether the individual complied with its requirements. In most cases, an ARC is not a stand-alone application and is usually associated with another application, except for individuals from visa-exempt countries.

The application for an ARC must be submitted at the consulate or embassy serving the foreign national, and there is a processing fee of $400 CAD. If you need an ARC, you must include a letter explaining in detail the reasons you should be allowed to return to Canada and proof of payment of the processing fee with your application.




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