Citizenship through Investment

Citizenship through Investment

Canada does not have a direct Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. However, it offers a pathway to citizenship through investment in the form of the Start-Up Visa Program and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The Start-Up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada, outside Quebec.

To be eligible for this visa, the Canadian company must have the support of a designated organization, and the designated organization that supports the business will provide a Letter of Support, which has to be attached to the permanent residency application. Up to five people may apply for a startup visa as owners of a single business.

To keep the permanent residency status, the applicant must physically be in Canada for at least 730 days in a five-year period. After holding the permanent residency status for five years, the applicant will be eligible to apply for citizenship, provided that they have lived 1,095 days in Canada within the five years, and 183 days during each of three calendar years that are fully or partially within the six years right before the date they apply

These programs aim to attract accomplished business professionals and investors capable of making significant contributions to the Canadian economy. Below are key points maintaining the accuracy of the provided information:

1. Investment Immigration Programs: Canada provides investment immigration programs that establish pathways to permanent residency. These initiatives necessitate individuals to make substantial investments in the Canadian economy, paving the way for permanent residency and, eventually, Canadian citizenship.

2. Start-up Business Class: The Start-up Business Class stands as a federal business immigration program promoting the admission of successful business individuals seeking new opportunities and challenges in Canada. It targets individuals with the skills and experience to initiate a new business in the country.

3. Quebec Business Immigration Programs: Quebec operates its distinct Business Immigration Programs, encompassing the Self-Employed, Investor, and Entrepreneur Immigration Programs. These programs aim to stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities at the provincial level.

4. Pathway to Citizenship: While these programs do not directly confer Canadian citizenship, they provide a route to permanent residency—a prerequisite for Canadian citizenship. After obtaining permanent residency, individuals can apply for Canadian citizenship upon meeting the residency requirements.

Therefore, the notion of “purchasing” Canadian citizenship is not accurate. Canada does not have a direct Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, as seen in some other countries. Nonetheless, Canada does offer various business immigration programs that present routes to permanent residency, ultimately leading to Canadian citizenship.








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